Wednesday, February 24, 2010

VIRUS!! - a PC sucking Creature.. Want to fight with it??

"VIRUS" is Program That Sucks Your Computer and You can do nothing Because it Fails Your Anti-Virus or Restart Your PC again and again."

We Have Lot of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware Beside this Virus Enters in our PC!!!
Every Anti-virus Company Have Its Own Virus Database so They Detect Different Virus Files, You can See If Your PC have Virus Just Scan With any Anti-Virus Then Uninstall it And Install Another Anti-Virus It Again Find Some Virus Files!!

"Do You Know How Virus Enters In Your PC??"

Its You who allow Virus to Enter in Your PC!!
Shocking?? But How??
You Unknowingly Run that File or Open That Website or Open Any Pen-Drive or CD which Leave Virus In Your PC, Yes, Lets Talk About Pen-Drive :
When You Plug a Pen-Drive With PC, It Autorun and Shows you to open Pen-Drive and You Open It, A "Auturun" file of Virus In Your Pen-Drive (which is Hidden) runs and settle down its all content in Your PC, Now Virus Enters in Your PC and it Start its Processing on Next Start-up of your computer because it set a File on Start-Up of Your PC, Write Some Registry Files, Set Some Files in Temp Folder and Autorun its Process Again and Again. As a Result Virus Disable You From Task-Manger, Registry Settings, Hidden Files, Command Prompt etc..
It Set Its Files As System Files that's why Your Anti-Virus Fails to Detect or Delete it.
So In Case Of Pen-drive or CD/DVD just close Autorun, Goto My Computer, Right Click on Pen-Drive and Scan With Anti-Virus( Hope Its Updated).

"What is the Solution?"

There are So Many Solutions :
Firstly Know Your Computer Is Infected By which Type Of Virus.
You Can Use Any Anti-Virus, That is Must In Your PC Without This You Can't Remove Virus, Just One Think keep in Your Mind That you have scan any Media Like Pen-Drive, CD/DVD or Memory Card etc Connected to Your PC Before Open It.
I always Use Avast Professional Anti-Virus Just Because It have Boot Time Scan & It Also Warn Me from Infected Websites. Some Virus Files Behave Like System Files so the Boot Time Scan Can easily Detect these files.
You Can Check In Task Manager that some UnCommon Process like Folder.exe, abc.exe, iLoveu.exe etc are running which are the Virus Files just end there task.
Open Command Prompt
type cd\
then C:>dir/ah
It Shows you all hidden file in c drive like sv8rtok.exe, autorun.exe, autorun.inf, RECYCLER etc..
then type C:>attrib -h -r -a "File Name"
It Un-Hide that File For Example C:>attrib -h -r -a autorun.inf
or Type C:>attrib -h -r -a * for all Files
Then Type C:> del "File Name"

If Your Task Manager, Command Prompt are Not Working then Not to Worry

Use This Software :
Auutorun Virus Remover or Autorun Eater
this can Remove all Autorun Process from Your PC ans FIX Your Systems Task Manager, Folder Option, cmd, Registry Editor etc ..

But what if, your PC is not allowing any .exe application to be executed!!!
In such a case, any attempt to install the autorun virus remove softwares will fail..
To solve such a a problem, u need to open regedit from the run window and then remove the bad sectors developed from the registry in a manual manner...
Keep reading my blog in order to know how to remove these bad sectors manually.. i will be updating that soon..

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