Saturday, April 3, 2010

MNC R&D centers in India augment reverse brain drain

The presence of Research and Development (R&D) centers of MNCs in India has been a positive influence on the local industry ecosystem, reveals a study report. It fosters innovation, academic partnerships, entrepreneurial zeal while reversing brain drain. 

In their report on MNC R&D centers in India titled, 'Impact of MNC R&D centres in India', Zinnov (management consultant firm) point outs that the diminishing cost arbitrage due to historic salary increments and overheads caused due to productivity differentials and inexperienced talent pool will be a cause of concern for the R&D wing this year. 

The report said the R&D section in India is still very nascent when compared with other Asian countries such as Japan, South Korea, Taiwan and Israel. Their local R & D ecosystem is very conducive for Multi National Companies (MNC) to enter and extract value in an accelerate fashion.

The report, in its outlook for the future, said that many of these R&D centers in India are now beginning to re-define their approach towards globalization, particularly in the next 12 months. In the drive to optimize costs, they would also explore opportunities in Tier II and Tier III cities in India to execute some non-core functions at these ultra low-cost destinations. As a result of these secondary locations i.e. 43 Tier II and Tier III regions are emerging as IT hubs in India, thereby reducing pressure on Tier I locations. 

The study also reveals that R&D centers have been instrumental in triggering increased Foreign Direct Investment spends and in the development of secondary and tertiary locations, apart from providing direct or indirect employment to thousands of people. The centers have also been a crucial facilitator in checking the process of brain drain to western markets, while effecting reverse brain drain.

Talking about the report, Pari Natarajan, CEO, Zinnov said, "The cost pressures continue to exist, we foresee companies trying to execute more R&D work at the same or even lesser budgets as compared to last year. Companies would be forced to focus on new growth engines in the form of emerging markets (such as India and China) and newer technologies (such as SaaS/ Cloud). And this will fundamentally push all R&D centers to deliver higher value & higher productivity at lower costs." "The main reasons for brain drain some years back were the lack of attractive jobs and growth opportunities. MNC centers have played a major role in introducing the R&D departments and they are providing better opportunities, a reverse brain drain has kick started," Natarajan added.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Facebook surpasses Google as most visited website

San Francisco: Facebook has surpassed Google to become the most visited website in the United States, according to industry tracker Hitwise. The important milestone, as described by Hitwise Director of Research Heather Dougherty, came as Facebook enjoyed a massive 185 percent increase in visits in the week ending March 13, compared to the same week in 2009, reports Economic Times. 

Visits to search engine home increased only nine percent in the same week. However, the tracker does not include Google property sites such as the popular Gmail email service, YouTube and Google Maps.

Google has been positioning challenges in recent months to Facebook and the micro-blogging site Twitter by adding the social-networking feature Buzz to its Gmail service.

Facebook boasts some 400 million users while Gmail had 176 million unique visitors in December, according to tracking firm comScore.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

AddOns to this blog!!! cool ebooks links for all you guys in the store

As being asked by many of my friends, i am from now on will be providing links on my blog to some of the very cool ebooks which are not that easy to find.
The first oe is here .

Wren in Martin
One of the most popular english books , whose ebuk is nt easily available...

Here is the link

hurry to download it, before link expires!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Setting up REMOTE connection to another PC

With Remote Desktop on Windows XP Professional, you can have access to a Windows session that is running on your computer when you are at another computer. This means, for example, that you can connect to your work computer from home and have access to all of your applications, files, and network resources as though you were in front of your computer at work. You can leave programs running at work and when you get home, you can see your desktop at work displayed on your home computer, with the same programs running.
When you connect to your computer at work, Remote Desktop automatically locks that computer so no one else can access your applications and files while you are gone. When you come back to your computer at work, you can unlock it by typing CTRL+ALT+DEL.

Remote Desktop also allows more than one user to have active sessions on a single computer. This means that multiple users can leave their applications running and preserve the state of their Windows session even while others are logged on.

Basically ,remote desktop is same as TELNET however there is a protocol difference between the two.Moreover you might not get TELNET on all PC's.

Now to start using this service follow these steps:-
  • Open control panel/performance/system
  • Click on Remote tab and check allow users to connect remotely.

  • You must be logged on as an administrator or a member of the Administrators group to enable the Remote Desktop feature.
  • Next you have to configure your firewall setting  :-
  1. In the Control Panel, click Security Center.
  2. Under Manage security settings for, click Windows Firewall.
  3. Make sure the Don't allow exceptions check box is not selected.
  4. Click the Exceptions tab, and verify that the Remote Desktop check box is selected.
  5. Click OK, and then close the Windows Security Center window.
    Your host computer is now set up to allow remote access.
  • Now its time to connect.Type MSTSC in run and press enter.
  • Remote connection box will appear ,type the IP address of the PC you want to connect and then it will prompt you to enter username and password (the one which you enter while logging in ,which is of the PC you are trying to connect and not the PC you are on).
  • You will be connected to the required PC.
Note:- You can also give computer name(check it from system  in performance and settings) to connect to a PC in local network.

Warning:- Your  ports should be open to use this service (first forward your ports) .Check if it works without it or not.

    Thursday, March 11, 2010

    Bonanza coming up this year for ebook readers!!

    It is predicted, that by the end of this year, newer models of e-readers with newer display technologies will start to make today's e-book readers look like Model T versions, reports Yardena Arar of PCWorld.

    These next-generation readers will sport color displays with refresh rates capable of supporting video, and they will also use flexible display technologies. However, that doesn't mean that you'll be able to roll them up (yet). Instaed, they will make the devices a lot less fragile.

    These upgrades will usher in a new age of e-book content, including books and periodicals that depend heavily on detailed color graphics (think children's books or textbooks), video content (think magazines and newspapers), and superior durability (all of the above). While you can read printed content on just about any computer or smartphone these days, the LCD displays on most computers and smartphones aren't particularly well suited to serve as paper substitutes. For one thing, they are backlit, and gazing at a backlit display for extended periods of time can fatigue the human eye.

    According to PCWorld, one of the most intriguing upcoming e-reader technologies comes from Qualcomm, the company best known for its mobile network technologies. Qualcomm MEMS (microelectromechanical systems ) Technologies has been showing a display technology it calls Mirasol for several years now. Mirasol is an interferometric modulation (IMOD) technology that, like its electrophoretic rivals, is reflective and doesn't use a backlight. But the similarities end here. Mirasol uses two conductive plates that pull apart when a charge is applied to them; in the same way as a prism creates rainbows, a Mirasol display will create different colors as light passes through it depending on the distance between the plates.

    Forrester Research analyst James McQuivey says that another possible contender in the e-reader display market might be a hybrid technology that blends some of the benefits of an LCD with those of a reflective display. A company called Pixel Qi has been showing prototypes of its 10-inch transflective display for netbooks and e-book readers; it claims to offer superior readability (especially indoors, when the LCD backlighting kicks in) and image quality.

    Wednesday, March 10, 2010

    Fed up of the sites that set their webpage as your browser homepage?? Here is the solution!!

    Many of you must have experienced that some sites set their web page as the homepage for your web browser. So, whenever you open your browser, the homepage appears as their site's web page. And sometimes, if it is an obscene or adult website then you wonder how to remove it from coming as a homepage again and again but normally fail to do so and eventually uninstall your browser or may be some other hectic way.

    Guys there is a simple solution to this problem..
    But first of all you should know how actually these websites change your homepage.

    These websites actually illegally modify your registry editor and set their website as default home page. This can sometimes may even lead to spywares entering your PC or may be dangerous viruses as well..

    Now to stop this, follow these steps..

    1. Right-click on the Internet Explorer icon on your desktop and select "Properties".

    2. In the "Target" box you will see "C:\Program Files\Internet


    3. Now by adding the URL of the site to the end of this it overrides any
    Homepage setting in internet options:

    "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\IEXPLORE.EXE"

    Now on doing this, your homepage will be permanently set to unless you again modify it by repeating the same procedure.

    For any further assistance on this topic kindly drop a comment on this and i will be more than happy to answer it.

    Hiding your IP address made easy!!

    Question: Can You Hide Your Public IP Address?

    When connecting to the Internet, your home computer is assigned a public IP address. As you visit Web sites or other Internet servers, that public IP address is transmitted and recorded in log files kept on those servers. Access logs leave behind a trail of your Internet activity. If it were possible to somehow hide your public IP address, your Internet activity would become much more difficult to trace.
    Answer: Unfortunately, it is not technically possible to always hide the public IP address of a home network. An IP address enables devices to locate and communicate with each other on the Internet. Completely hiding the IP address of a device would render it invisible but also unusable online.

    On the other hand, it is possible to hide public IP addreseses from most Internet servers in most situations. This method involves an Internet service called an anonymous proxy server.
    Anonymous Proxy Servers

    An anonymous proxy server ("proxy") is a special type of server that acts as an intermediary between a home network and the rest of the Internet. An anonymous proxy server makes requests for Internet information on your behalf, using its own IP address instead of yours. Your computer only accesses Web sites indirectly, through the proxy server. This way, Web sites will see the proxy's IP address, not your home IP address.

    Using an anonymous proxy server requires a simple configuration of the Web browser (or other Internet client software that supports proxies). Proxies are identified by a combination of URL and TCP port number.

    Numerous free anonymous proxy servers exist on the Internet, open for anyone to use. These servers may have bandwidth traffic limits, may suffer from reliability or speed problems, or might permanently disappear from the Internet without notice. Such servers are most useful for temporary or experimental purposes.

    Anonymous proxy services that charge fees in return for better quality of service also exist. These services are designed for regular use by households.
    Hiding Your IP Address - Related Tools

    The ability to hide an IP address increases your privacy on the Internet. Other approaches to improving Internet privacy also exist and complement each other. Managing Web browser cookies, using encryption when sending personal information, running a firewall and other techniques all contribute toward a greater feeling of safety and security when going online.

    One such tool i came across is hide your Ip address.
    Download link:-
    This is a 3 day trial version and works only for explorer(Tried and tested by me).
    Please do try this as it is invisible to almost 95% servers(i personally experienced it).

    The simplest proof of this is to just activate the software by clicking start and then open explorer and go to
    Check here the ip and the ip when proxy is off.
    Wallah, its working.
    To extend the validity buy the key or as we say in india (use jugaad technology) i hope i dont need to mention that because you people are good enough. finds its way in Top 25 most promising internet companies of India.

    There has been a great increase in usage of Internet in India off late. The era of Web 2.0 is truly emerging finally. With increasing Broadband penetration and availability of network, many net savvy entrepreneurs have been quick to realize the huge potential of the India as a market along with global market. Initially, most sites targeted the global Indians who had more access to the Internet, but nowadays many local Internet businesses have come up targeting users in India as well driving the E-commerce, social networking and more. Experts believe that Internet/web 2.0 will definitely going to drive the future of businesses, which has been giving birth to various innovative business models including web/online services companies who can help businesses to reach more people directly and in an cost effective way.

    Witnessing the trend the SmartTechie announces the prestigious "Top 25 Most Promising Internet Companies" list. This merit roll is an annual listing of the 25 Internet companies in India.

    We at the SmartTechie believe that each company in this annu
    al list had all those, which is needed to climb ladder of success as their products and plans are indeed progressive, and the technologies are groundbreaking. Perhaps, what makes all of them to tick is their innovative and need based approach. The final merit list was decided by our panel of judges consisting of accomplished CEOs, CIOs, VCs, and analysts including the SmartTechie editorial team based on following criteria. Ease of use, evidence of success, scalability and monetization potential. And of course, based on nominations we received from our esteemed readers.

    The SmartTechie wishes all the winners a bright future!

    Tuesday, March 2, 2010

    Interested in knowing whether the recipient has read your email or not??

    Now you can find out whether your email has been read by your friend whom you have mailed. No more guessing: "has he or she read my email yet?"

    SpyPig is a simple email tracking system that sends you a notification email as soon as your friend opens and reads your message.

    It works with virtually all modern email programs: outlook, gmail,yahoo mail,hotmail, AOL etc..

    Best of ALL !! SpyPig is free!! No spam, no virus, no adware, no spyware. You can use it as often as you like and there is no other catch..

    The whole system is very easy to use and in few minutes you will be able to use it like a real spy..

    Spypig is specially useful in cases where you respond to a classified ad just like on or and you want that you should come to know whether your email for job application has been read by the target or not..

    Now finally, in order to implement Spypig, just open and read the instructions provided on the site and then enjoy this lovely email tracking service.

    I am using it and guys, this is great.. enjoy!!

    Saturday, February 27, 2010

    Want to prevent users from using the USB drive of your computer?? Contd PART-2

    The part-1 of this post describes how you can prevent the users from accessing your USB drive if it is already installed in your system.

    This part describeshow to customize USB device storage device if the same is not installed in the system.

    So, here are the steps!!

    1. Run>> type %windir%\inf

    2. Now search for two files
    a) usbstor.inf

    3. Now you have to change its permission settings. Right click on the each file and click on properties. Goto "security" tab and select the desired user or group in "group and usernames" list which you want to restrict from USB drives. Now in "permission for users" click on "deny" and click OK.

    4) process compelete. Now user will not be able to install USB device on your computer and therby will not be able to access the data.

    NOTE:- In VISTA the procedure is slightly different. For any assistance regarding how to perform the operation in Windows Vista, post a comment and it will be entirely my pleasure to help you in the best way i can..

    Does Education system need to change to bring out child's real imagination??

    While Silicon Valley is talking about its third wave of innovation like the touchscreen revolution; to develop renewable energy and other clean, green technologies - Cleantech, an Indian engineering student is still in doldrums either to focus on getting good marks in examination or take the risk of experimenting with his idea. This is because Indian engineering colleges still assess students' skills based on their ability to repeat the text- book knowledge in the exams, rather than on their ability to think 'out-of-box.' Dr. Ashok Jhunjhunwala, Head of Electrical Engineering Department at IIT Chennai says, "Education system is one cog in the wheel, which affects students to a certain level."

    Even Professor K Gopinath, Computer Science & Automation (CSA), Indian Institute of Science (IISc), Bangalore believes that that India's education system kills the spirit of innovation among students by not letting them to illustrate their skills at university level. He says, "There is no sufficient ecosystem or technological artifacts for students in colleges." He explains that these engineering students are not given the right platform to implement their skills and the freedom to access or play with devices.

    Further pinpointing the quality of education standard in Indian engineering colleges, the Professor says, "Many Indian engineering colleges hire those engineers as lecturers, who didn't get a job in the market and are willing to work for a significantly lower salary. They have only theoretical knowledge and that is the best that they can impart to students. And finally, the students aren't encouraged to go deep into a subject because the teachers are incapable of supporting the students' queries." He also opines that there a majority of colleges in India, which are inclined only towards the business of making money and not in the business of building knowledgeable engineers.

    These views re-emphasize on the recent findings of a study entitled 'The Emerging Global Labour Market', that though India produces more than six lakh engineers every year, yet, only a few are employable. Also, study by McKinsey Global Institute has found that the proportion of suitable engineers in Europe is twice that of India. Even the premier institutes like IITs and IISc, in spite of the unlimited support by Indian standards given to them, have failed to take up cutting edge research or motivate students to be entrepreneurs to look at Indian centric issues, believes Prof. B. S. Satyanarayana, Principal of R.V. College of Engineering, Bangalore. He says, "These premier institutes have been only involved in too much of supportive research just to garner the international trips and training people as support staff for the international or especially rather U.S. universities and basking in their students achievements, as leaders in education."

    Now the question arises, is only Indian education system responsible for not allowing students to come up with innovative ideas or even parents and society are also equally responsible. Most of these engineering students are sometimes pushed to take a stream, which do not interest them, and they go nowhere in the career. Jhunjhunwala says, "It is the responsibility of 21-22 year old engineering students to make right choice for their career or work place." He says for instance the IT majors like Infosys and Wipro do not allow the engineers to take the risk of implementing their ideas, "blocking the road to innovation."

    It is true that everyone can't become Jerry Yang and David Filo (Yahoo founders), but can still follow the way how a genius works. "The only lacking factor is the necessary platform, most of our ideas are serving MNCs like Ajay Bhatt- Intel (Founder of USB pen drive), Sabeer Bhatia (Co-founder Hotmail)," says Suresh Chand, Senior Software Engineer at Alcatel-Lucent.

    This is the time where the Govt. should pitch in. Currently, we do not even spend 1/3rd of amount being spent by Germany for R&D sector. "It is not about only education system or attitude of society, whole system needs to change. Younger generation of engineering graduates should not just aim to score higher marks in academics, but should think about the ways to impart technology into their day to day life," says Chand. Stressing on the similar points, Shanker Janakiraman, CEO, Symbioun Technology says, "Colleges should bring in more creative projects/art work in elementary schools. They should carry marks for innovation and make it factor in college admissions."

    When i look forward in this direction, i so see some private organizations that have taken the initiatives in bringing out the innovation and correct skills from the students.
    IBM since last few years has been consistently conducting a contest named THE GREAT MIND CHALLENGE that welcomes the new and innovative projects made my students on the softwares products supported by IBM. Moreover, SiliconIndia has launched All India Engineering Project Innovation Contest (AIEPIC, pronounced as eye-pic) which aims to identify, promote and reward outstanding engineering talent across India.
    What Siliconindia could understand from the 30,000 entries got from the competition is that students do not lack in ideas, but the fact that they don't have a proper system in place to showcase their ideas.
    I think the need of the hour is to realize the importance of bringing out individuals that can actually think of changing the perspective of IT by taking to another level as the constant upliftment of IT is the only way this industry can survive.

    In the long run, it will be these steps that can also pave the way for the second Google from India.

    Thursday, February 25, 2010

    Want to prevent users from using the USB drive of your computer???

    Many times we need to restrict the users from using the USB drives from our system so that no one can transfer or take away any information or data from the system.
    Saying the other way round, sometimes you also want that no-one should put his content on your PC either.

    In such a case, my this blog will surely going to be of great help to u..

    By going through this post, you will be able to prevent user from using the USB drive of your PC.. The Windows will not detect the USB..

    Here are the steps..

    1) startup>> run>> type regedit

    2)goto HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\USBSTOR

    3) In the right side, change the value of "start" to "4"

    4) Now whenever a user will attach a USB storage device which is already installed to your computer system, windows will not detect it and will not be shown in MY COMPUTER.

    IMPORTANT: if you want to revert back, change the value of "start" to "3"

    I think now, u can also use USB drives in your those college systems in which, college has made use of this trick in order to disable the USB drive option.. ;) .. cheers!!

    Wednesday, February 24, 2010

    Vodafone going the TATA way!! Introduces World's Cheapest Mobile

    TATA created a landmark by creating the world's cheapest car, TATA NANO..
    Now going on its footsteps,Vodafone has announced the release of its most affordable ultra low cost handsets to date, intended to give millions of people in emerging markets the opportunity to share in the benefits of mobile technology for the first time. The Vodafone 150 will retail unsubsidized at below $15 and the Vodafone 250 will retail unsubsidized at below $20, depending on the local market. Nokia has been planning to launch a $10 phone for a long time but the product has still not seen the light of the day.

    Launching in the first instance in India and six markets in Africa - The Democratic Republic of Congo, Kenya, Mozambique, Qatar, South Africa and Tanzania - it is in emerging markets such as these that the potential of the mobile phone as a powerful social enabler is most apparent. For example, more than 11 million registered customers across Vodafone's footprint now rely on their mobile phones for money transfers and bill payments. Vodafone is enfranchising its customers both by extending the countries offering such services and by rolling out more devices which give access to them.

    To maximize the availability of the handsets across countries with sizeable and isolated rural populations, the launches will be supported by an extensive logistics infrastructure, reaching deep rural segments where mobile penetration typically remains low. In India, it is expected that device availability will reach 60 percent of the population.

    Patrick Chomet, Vodafone's Group Director of Terminals, said, "The cost of mobile handsets can be one of the most significant barriers for people in accessing and benefiting from the growing number of socially valuable mobile services. The lives of people who use these phones - the Vodafone 150 and Vodafone 250 - will be changed and improved as they become part of the mobile society. I am proud of the work we have done and will continue to do in this critical area of customer empowerment."

    The Vodafone 150 and Vodafone 250 both offer excellent voice and SMS services, as well as support for mobile payment services. The two devices share most specification features, the main differences between them being that the Vodafone 250's screen is both color and slightly larger, and it has an FM radio.

    By focusing on a custom-built feature set and packaging design - without any compromise to user experience, quality or safety - and by successfully leveraging vendor and partner relationships along the supply chain, Vodafone and handset manufacturer TCL have been able to significantly reduce the usual manufacturing costs and, therefore, the retail price.

    Recover your Media player!!

    What if your media player gets corrupt and is not opening, but you have to urgently see something and don't have any time to install any other software that runs the audio/video files..

    In such a case, you can still view and listen to your audio/video files without installing any other software..

    As for this Windows XP provides a hidden program..

    Now, type mplay32

    Windows XP provides a media player 5.1 version that is inbuilt for backup and recovery.

    Even if you upgrade your Media Player, you can still access your old player in case the new one fails !!!

    Beware US!! Indian IT firms are the most trusted companies..

    ndia headquartered firms have emerged as the most trusted ones, with the technology sector topping the list in terms of transparency and credibility, according to survey.

    According to global public relations firm Edelman's 'Trust Barometer' survey for 2010, India-headquartered companies are trusted by a majority of people in the country. Indian based companies have been ranked as trustworthy by 78 percent of people surveyed in India, 63 percent of respondents in Mexico and 52 percent in United Arab Emirates (UAE). Edelman President and CEO Richard Edelman said, "Trust is now an essential line of business to be developed and delivered. CEOs who embrace this new line of business called trust have seen their credibility rise."

    IT sector is the most trusted sector in India at followed by banks, automotive (79 percent), pharma (75 percent), healthcare (73 percent), entertainment (70 percent). The annual trust and credibility survey sampled 4,875 informed people in two age groups (25-34 and 35-64) in 22 countries.

    Do u know about the svchost.exe?

    Since Windows XP came along, one new system process arrived, changing everything in its way. Unfortunately, we’re not only talking about positive changes here, since svchost.exe was used by viruses as a disguise for too many times. Of course there are also positive aspects of this problem, and we’ll get to see them below. I know this may not look like a useful PC tip, but understanding the basics of svchost will help you understand most svchost.exe errors (at least some of the reasons behind them), as well as how and why viruses seem to like this tiny program so much.

    According to the official svchost page on, “Svchost.exe is a generic host process name for services that run from dynamic-link libraries (DLLs).” Now, the things you should always remember about svchost.exe… - The file is located in the %SystemRoot%\System32 folder, while viruses that don’t replace the original usually use the Windows root folder or some other system folder, like %SystemRoot%\system, and sometimes right in the %SystemRoot%\ folder. - If you notice that svchost.exe is taking up too much processor time, you can try to find the service responsible for it and kill the process; anyway, it would also come handy to search for more info on Google, first of all! ;) - While using (ex-)Sysinternals Process Explorer is a very good way to find your path around svchost.exe in Windows XP, Vista’s improved Task Manager gives you a lot of power, so be sure to check “Show processes from all users,” and then right click one svchost instance, followed by a left click on Go To Service(s).
    There will always be more instances of svchost.exe running, so don’t worry; the number depends on the services running on your computer. I guess there could be said a lot more about svchost.exe, but this isn’t a detailed svchost guide. What I wanted to do is just scratch the surface and help you open your eyes. If you have any questions about svchost.exe, don’t hesitate to drop your comments below and ask them, because it would be a real pleasure to help you find your answers!

    VIRUS!! - a PC sucking Creature.. Want to fight with it??

    "VIRUS" is Program That Sucks Your Computer and You can do nothing Because it Fails Your Anti-Virus or Restart Your PC again and again."

    We Have Lot of Anti-Virus, Anti-Spyware, Anti-Malware Beside this Virus Enters in our PC!!!
    Every Anti-virus Company Have Its Own Virus Database so They Detect Different Virus Files, You can See If Your PC have Virus Just Scan With any Anti-Virus Then Uninstall it And Install Another Anti-Virus It Again Find Some Virus Files!!

    "Do You Know How Virus Enters In Your PC??"

    Its You who allow Virus to Enter in Your PC!!
    Shocking?? But How??
    You Unknowingly Run that File or Open That Website or Open Any Pen-Drive or CD which Leave Virus In Your PC, Yes, Lets Talk About Pen-Drive :
    When You Plug a Pen-Drive With PC, It Autorun and Shows you to open Pen-Drive and You Open It, A "Auturun" file of Virus In Your Pen-Drive (which is Hidden) runs and settle down its all content in Your PC, Now Virus Enters in Your PC and it Start its Processing on Next Start-up of your computer because it set a File on Start-Up of Your PC, Write Some Registry Files, Set Some Files in Temp Folder and Autorun its Process Again and Again. As a Result Virus Disable You From Task-Manger, Registry Settings, Hidden Files, Command Prompt etc..
    It Set Its Files As System Files that's why Your Anti-Virus Fails to Detect or Delete it.
    So In Case Of Pen-drive or CD/DVD just close Autorun, Goto My Computer, Right Click on Pen-Drive and Scan With Anti-Virus( Hope Its Updated).

    "What is the Solution?"

    There are So Many Solutions :
    Firstly Know Your Computer Is Infected By which Type Of Virus.
    You Can Use Any Anti-Virus, That is Must In Your PC Without This You Can't Remove Virus, Just One Think keep in Your Mind That you have scan any Media Like Pen-Drive, CD/DVD or Memory Card etc Connected to Your PC Before Open It.
    I always Use Avast Professional Anti-Virus Just Because It have Boot Time Scan & It Also Warn Me from Infected Websites. Some Virus Files Behave Like System Files so the Boot Time Scan Can easily Detect these files.
    You Can Check In Task Manager that some UnCommon Process like Folder.exe, abc.exe, iLoveu.exe etc are running which are the Virus Files just end there task.
    Open Command Prompt
    type cd\
    then C:>dir/ah
    It Shows you all hidden file in c drive like sv8rtok.exe, autorun.exe, autorun.inf, RECYCLER etc..
    then type C:>attrib -h -r -a "File Name"
    It Un-Hide that File For Example C:>attrib -h -r -a autorun.inf
    or Type C:>attrib -h -r -a * for all Files
    Then Type C:> del "File Name"

    If Your Task Manager, Command Prompt are Not Working then Not to Worry

    Use This Software :
    Auutorun Virus Remover or Autorun Eater
    this can Remove all Autorun Process from Your PC ans FIX Your Systems Task Manager, Folder Option, cmd, Registry Editor etc ..

    But what if, your PC is not allowing any .exe application to be executed!!!
    In such a case, any attempt to install the autorun virus remove softwares will fail..
    To solve such a a problem, u need to open regedit from the run window and then remove the bad sectors developed from the registry in a manual manner...
    Keep reading my blog in order to know how to remove these bad sectors manually.. i will be updating that soon..

    Want to make your Music folders look more sexier??

    One of the coolest new features in Windows XP is its album thumbnail generator, which automatically places the appropriate album cover art on the folder to which you are copying music (generally in WMA format). But what about those people that have already copied their CDs to the hard drive using MP3 format? You can download album cover art from sites such as or or, and then use the new Windows XP folder customize feature to display the proper image for each folder. But this takes time--you have to manually edit the folder properties for every single folder--and you will lose customizations if you have to reinstall the OS. There's an excellent fix, however.
    When you download the album cover art from the Web, just save the images as folder.jpg each time and place them in the appropriate folder. Then, Windows XP will automatically use that image as the thumbnail for that folder and, best of all, will use that image in Windows Media Player for Windows XP (MPXP) if you choose to display album cover art instead of a visualization. And the folder customization is automatic, so it survives an OS reinstallation as well. Your music folders never looked so good!

    Wednesday, February 17, 2010

    Google Public DNS: Enhances your browsing Experience!!

    GOOGLE public DNS is a free DNS service provided by google to make web faster.
    How often does it happens that u type a domain name(site's name) in your browser and it takes ages to open the site.
    In case you are using bookmarked site or the one stored in your address bar(normally in opera ,chrome and firefox browsers) that the site takes a while to open.

    If you try GOOGLE DNS then all your client DNS lookup's will me made from GOOGLE public DNS.

    Why does DNS matter?

    The DNS protocol is an important part of the web's infrastructure, serving as the Internet's phone book: every time you visit a website, your computer performs a DNS lookup. Complex pages often require multiple DNS lookups before they start loading, so your computer may be performing hundreds of lookups a day.

    This not only speeds up your browsing but also improves security.

    • Just go to control panel>network settings>network connections
    • Right click on Local Area Network and select Properties.
    • In general TAB double click internet protocol(TCP/IP).
    • Just note the default configurations and IP's(it'll help you when you revert back)
    • Now just enter following DNS address and alternate DNS address.
    Preferred DNS:-
    Alternate DNS :-

    • Click ok in this window as well as the other one.
    • Your DNS is set.
    Checking Setting:-
    Just write in your browser's address bar and press enter.
    If opens ,it's ok.
    Check it for others as well and do notice the speed .ITS AWESOME